By Nathan Ohiomokhare

Nigerians woke up to sad Breaking news this morning that the world health organisation had disqualified Nigeria from accessing Covid-19 vaccines due to its inability to meet vaccine storage requirements. While some schools of thought beleived that it due to Nigerias epileptic power supply others claimed the Nigerian government had contacted and applied to WHO without taking into consideration the countries overall vaccine storage capacity. The rumours also claimed that the Nigerian government failed to consult with the necessary Supply Chain professionals and Healtgcare experts to collate to WHO.

But the WHO office in Abuja Nigeria quickly issued a short statement on twitter through its representative Dr W. Kazadi Mulombo to dispel the rumour flaging it as FAKE NEWS. In a brief statement Dr Mulombo said "WHO is part of the COVAX facility, and can never disqualify a member state from accessing an approved vaccine forbtheir population. I call upon members of the press in Nigeria and globally to contribute to fighting missinformation"

Dr Mulombo who is a Medical Doctor and Public Health Expert emphasized that WHO is committed to equitable distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines to Nigeria.

About COVAX : COVAX is consortium comprising the WHO (World Health Organisation) , CEPI (Coalition For Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) and GAVI (Global Vaccines Alliance) formed with a committment to ensuring vaccines supply to all countries. Its a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with the objective of guaranteeing manufacturing of affordable Covid-19 vaccines and equitable distribution of at least 2 Billion doses globally by end of 2021. This is without prejudice to location, race, tribe, affordability and capacity for storage and distribution.

It hopes to achieve this by collaborating with world governments and the private sector of which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is a key player. COVAX is continuously acquiring a large pool of funding to support this drive. It projects it will need $27.2 Billion. So far it has secured $6 Billion.

President Muhammadu Buhari at the last African Union virtual summit admonished Heads of member states to support indigenous local Covid-29 vaccine manufacture. The COVAX facility is set to support this drive.

We encourage all to follow the WHO representative for factual news about WHO's collaboration for COVID-19 Vaccine distribution in Nigeria.

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