The National of Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) has dissociated itself from one Osimen Favourite who was a guest of the Edo Broadcasting Service live TV show known as DAYBREAK.

In a letter to the Managing Director of the TV station dated 22nd December 2021 the NANNM described the stations guest Osimen Favourite as a Charlatan, a quack and Imposter posing as a pseudo-health information provider who has had a relationship with the TV station for quite a while. The NANNM also described Osimen Favourite as one of the quacks the likes of which the associatiin has been committed to weeding out of its fold. The association then went further to demand that the Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) TV retract the interview granted Osime Favourite and engage in no further broadcasting of her interviews nor granting her interviews on health matters. The association further demanded that Miss Osime favourite apologise to the public for misleading them with false medical information she had been disseminating through the Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) TV station, describing the stations relationship with Miss Osime as an "unholy alliance" aiding and abetting quackery.

In a similar development the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has issued a statement to the general Public informing that the "Favourite Pharmacy" claimed to be owned by the same Osime Favourite is fictitious. The PSN in a statement dated 23rd December 2021 clarified "that no such 'Favourite Pharmacy' exists in Edo State as purportedly claimed by one 'Nurse Favourite', Who is not a Registered Nurse but known as OSIME FAVOURITE".

The PSN then cautions the general public to be warry of such quackery and report any such guise to the Edo State Pharmaceutical Inspection Committee of the PCN for appropriate investigation and sanctions. In it's words "The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Edo State branch is resolute about sanitising the Pharmacy Practice environment in the state and therefore will not condone any false allegiances associated with it."

The expectation is that as a news station regulated by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for the dissemination of authentic information to the general public the Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) would affiliate itself with professionals properly certified to provide such information, particularly when it comes to health related matters. But judging by the reactions of the PSN and NANNM this has not been the case.


  1. From the report, it apparent EBS has been in this business of misinformation of Edo State residents for a while by repeatedly granting this quack interviews. It may be necessary to formally notify NBC of this unprofessional conduct.

  2. This is just an example of publicity accorded quacks in our nation. Most radio stations engaged pseudo health practitioners in ‘health talks’ where quackery is advertised and promoted yet our regulatory agencies seem not to hear or able to put an end to this.

  3. Radio and TV stations should be careful as regards to who they bring in as health professionals when discussing health matters. I think a radio station in Enugu (Dream FM) made such mistake (if verified) during their discussion on World Diabetes Day 2021, when they brought in/introduced someone as a Pharmacist when the person is not a Pharmacist, and they kept calling the person a Pharmacist till the end of the programme. That someone has a “chemist store” or sells drugs or markets drug or is a representative of a Pharmaceutical company doesn’t make the person a Pharmacist.

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