By Dr Timipe Okeroghene Aghogho

This week the Deputy coordinator Clinical Pharmacists Association of Nigeria Bayelsa State Branch Dr Andrew Momoh briefed members of the Bayelsa State Branch of Pharmaceutical Society Of Nigeria (PSN) on the activities of CPAN. He did this during the monthly parley of the PSN Bayelsa state. He highlighted the importance of CPAN and strides achieved so far in bringing together Pharmacists from various technical groups, cadres and specialties under the umbrella of CPAN.

Dr Momoh said it was necessary for Pharmacists particularly in clinical settings and subspecialties to join CPAN and be active members to boost the practice of Pharmacy in Nigeria and beyond. He indicated that many Pharmacists within Bayelsa state were Pharm.D degree holders so it is necessary for them to be active members of CPAN. He also commended members of the National Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists (NAHAP).

During the parley Dr Momoh introduced the members of the Bayelsa state executive of CPAN and was proud that the executive was made up of Pharmacists drawn from diverse specialties. He encouraged members of the Bayelsa chapter of the Asscociation of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) to come onboard CPAN and help drive clinical Pharmacy practice in Nigeria, describing CPAN wattsap groups as learning platforms.

Dr Momoh said the executive committee of CPAN Bayelsa state had a few meetings last year particularly with the exco of PSN Bayelsa state and intended to have a larger meeting this year which will be widely advertised on PSN platforms.

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